Toronto Shelter Data in 2020

This project visualizes the percentage occupation of Toronto Shelters in the year 2020.

It’s clear that winter months tend to have the highest occupancy ratios, with the average occupancy rate on January 24th, 2020 being 97%. This could most likely be attributed to the lower temperatures, with the average temperature in January and February being around -5°C (23°F), but with the lows dipping down to -16°C (3.2°F). However, it is also clear that COVID-19 had a significant impact on occupancy rates, as shelters, even during December 2020, did not regain their occupancy rates and stayed at around 77%, possibly due to requirements put in by the City to limit the spread of the disease. Check out Postal Codes to see trends in your area. (“Température - Données Mensuelles Pour Toronto,” n.d.)

N.B.: the plot is interactive! Click on it and hover your cursor above the line to view occupancy rates from individual dates.

“Température - Données Mensuelles Pour Toronto.” n.d.